For whatever reason, it’s often easy for people to pass up on much-needed roofing repairs or replacements. Considering that your roof can often take quite a beating from time and the elements, it’s not a mind-set that will serve you well. That’s why Newman Roofing advocates conscientiousness when it comes to your roofing needs, as this approach usually leads to much bigger savings in the long run.


Great Sunbury roofing will protect your home effectively from rain and water damage. We tend to take this for granted until we start noticing problems. The earlier stages of water damage might feature brown stains on the ceiling, while the later stages might extend to paint and wallpaper peeling and more.

Leaks usually require little more than quality repairs to patch up. What we recommend at Newman Roofing is picking out a quality replacement that will last longer. Apart from a wide range of designs to choose from, we can also guarantee durability.

Missing Shingles

The biggest problem with missing shingles is that it looks terrible to anyone passing by—like your home was hit by a bad storm. Of course, it might actually have been hit by a bad storm, but it’s no excuse to look the part. To top it all off, leaks can also result from the loss of shingles.

Missing shingles usually indicate some fault in the installation or in the material used in said installation. That means that somewhere down the line, the rest of your roof might follow suit. The best solution is to start over with a more durable roofing option installed the right way.

For over 23 years now, Newman Roofing has been one of the more reliable roofers in Sunbury. We focus on providing you with quality products and services so all your roofing needs are met to your satisfaction. Give us a call today.