Central Ohio’s Top Roofing Contractor Endorsed by Woody Johnson of 92.3 WCOL

If you live in Central Ohio and have listened to the radio in the last 10-15 years, then you’ve probably heard of Woody Johnson, host of 92.3 WCOL’s Woody & The Wake Up Call. The Wakeup Call is an incredibly popular radio show that thousands of listeners tune in to every day during their morning commute. The show features a wide variety of entertainment, from interviews and private concerts with today’s biggest Country music stars to prank calls, contests, and events that spotlight community members and local businesses.

In addition to entertaining the Greater Columbus Area, Woody has done a heck-of-a-lot work helping local businesses grow by reaching more customers. Being an active member of the community, Woody isn’t afraid to get out there, try something out and share his opinion about it. If he promotes or recommends something, you can rest assured that he has experience with whatever it is and stands by it.

I couldn’t be prouder to endorse Newman Roofing Company. I have the opportunity to put my name on a number of products and a number of companies and, honestly, I turn more down than I accept, because if I don’t own it, use it, ingest it, I’m not going to ask a listener to consider it. But in the case of Tim, nobody has ever done what he did. I thought I needed a new roof. I had a shake shingle roof in Muirfield and it was looking pretty tacky. He got up on it, looked at it and said, “Dude, you’ve got 5 more years on this.” So, it was actually the product he didn’t sell me that sold me on his trustworthiness. If you need a new roof, don’t look any farther.

Woody Johnson

Today, we want to take a moment to say thanks to Woody for all he’s done for our company. Woody has played a big role in our growth over the years by sharing our passion for honesty, integrity and high-quality craftsmanship and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you so much, Woody! We hope to keep hearing you over Columbus’ airwaves for many years to come!