When you have any roofing concerns, you and your hired Columbus roofing contractors will be discussing a number of things that compose a roofing system. And it would ease your mind that you know what your roofer is talking about.

Here are a few roofing terms explained from us here at Newman Roofing:

Drip Edges

Drip edges are important as they also function as a catch basin for rainwater from the roof, aside from gutters. They protect the fascia boards in the process Shingles will be more vulnerable to damage such as cracking and bending if drip edges are absent in the roofing system.


The fascia is known for its functional and aesthetic purposes. In terms of function, the fascia board serves a protective layer for the edge of the roof against the external elements so the whole system won’t be vulnerable to weather and water damage. In terms of beauty, having fascia boards on your roof provides it with a sleek, finished look.


The soffit is another essential part of the roof. It is situated at the edge of the roof, near the eaves, extending from the side of the outside wall to the edge of the roof or towards the fascia boards. It has holes that help in the flow of air in and out of your home.

Starter Strip

The starter strip is found in between the underlayment and the drip edge, and the roofing shingles. It primarily serves as a protection of the roofing shingles against the wind that may pass at the bottom of the roof through the eaves. It also fills the gaps in between the shingles so there will be a layer of protection for the sheathing/deck.


The underlayment is found underneath the roofing shingle layer and the starter strip. It’s placed as a protective sheet of your roof against the elements, assisting the shingle layer in avoiding moisture and water from infiltrating the roof.

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