The money you put into your home’s upkeep is an investment to maintain the integrity of one of your most valuable assets. Moreover, it is always worthwhile to spend money on home improvements because of the financial stake if ever you decide to resell the property.

A major improvement, such as a roof upgrade, can add value to your home. Although value estimates can depend on current market prices in Columbus, your roof can make or break the deal. If the appraiser tells the potential buyer about your new roof, your pitch will be stronger and you’ll have better chances of selling the property at a more favorable price.

However, before deciding to take the old shingles off, the first thing to do is to determine the condition of your current roof. And in doing so, seek the assistance of professional Columbus roofing contractors. Obviously, if your roof is in rather horrible condition, this is something that you are obligated to address, whether you are selling or not. Know too that there are ready buyers who are willing to pay more for a home that won’t need a new roof soon after they move in. So, it is but practical that you first check the condition of your existing roof.

Going back, let us talk about the variables that can determine a new roof’s value.

  • Style

The style of the new roof matters, especially if it was rendered to enhance the architectural design of your home. Traditional roofs may cost less but, at times, they fail to help the home get the attention of potential buyers.

  • Energy Efficiency

A new roof fitted with features that can improve the house’s energy efficiency is certainly worth the price. It should provide adequate insulation and prevents hot or cold air from escaping as it rises to the attic, reducing your need for home cooling or heating.

A new roof that attracts more buyers will allow you to sell your property sooner, reducing the cost of maintenance, marketing, and real estate broker fees. Call us today! We at Newman Roofing, one of the most trusted Columbus roofing companies, will be more than glad to discuss with you how our roofs can add value to your property.