William M. – Roof Replacement in Columbus, OH
Roof Replacement in Columbus, OH
April 19, 2016

I chose Newman Roofing after getting quotes from four contractors to replace my 25 year old shingle roof that was starting to leak. Newman proved that they were the best value, even though their price was not the lowest. The value started with the quote. Eddie listened to my concerns about a condensation issue on one wall of my living room. He knew that the roof above that section of the living room was not properly ventilated and made sure that the details were included in the quote. He also worked with us on choosing the right color of shingle to really accent the siding that we replaced a few years ago. We were thinking about going back to a darker brown shingle, but Eddie suggested a lighter almost gray shingle. He showed us larger samples of both colors up against the house and the suggested lighter color shingle was perfect. The result really adds eye appeal to our house. The value continued with installation. The first day was a no-go because of cold weather and snow. Alex was more concerned about the quality of the job than just getting it done. So we rescheduled for another day to allow for a little warmer weather. On the rescheduled day, the team arrived exactly as promised. Tim was there to fill in for a team member who was not going to be able to be there at the start of the project. He went over the job folder and verified the color shingles and work to be performed. Now this is where I was impressed. During the installation, the notes that Eddie made were reviewed and the team decided to peel the decking up over the living room area that had the condensation issue. They discovered that there was no insulation in that area and the cold air in that dead space was allowing the inside wall to chill and condense in the winter. Eddie called me to let me know what they found and what they suggested to do to resolve the issue. My phone was on silent and I missed there call. So rather than put it back the way it was, they added the insulation, replaced the decking and put the wall vent system in place. By the time I got the message, it was resolved! I can’t imagine anyone else taking the time to investigate and then correct the problem! The house and the yard were left absolutely clean and you’d never know that they were there except for the beautiful new roof and the Newman Roofing sign in the yard. All this in one day! Thank you for a great experience and for going the extra step in listening and resolving my condensation problem!