Temperature extremes (also known as “thermal shock”) happen when air temperature varies considerably from day to day. Columbus residents have been experiencing this kind of weather disturbance in the past weeks. Just look at this local weather report:

Inconvenient Weather: Very hot this afternoon and evening with heat index readings near 95.   60% chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow mainly south of Columbus. A few of these storms could be strong to severe.

Did you know that swift, extreme temperature changes can be very hard on your roof and can cause significant damage? As the temperature gets warmer, your home’s structure, including the roof, begins to expand. And as soon as the temperature drops, everything begins to contract. The resulting extreme temperature fluctuations can result in greater expansion and contraction.

For the entire life of the roof, the shifts of temperature from day to day wear out the structure. In time, you will begin to notice seams disintegrating, joints loosening, flashings separating, and the roof as a whole badly deteriorating.

Thermal shock is something that local residents should seriously look into. You can seek the help of a Columbus roofing expert to deal with this problem, which is difficult to remedy without a roof that can handle varying conditions.

You can start by calling Newman Roofing and schedule for a thorough, professional roof inspection. Shingle damage, cracks, and splits can be difficult to spot, so you need the help of our trained Columbus roofers to closely assess and determine the onset and extent of damage. We will also check for blocked roof vents to make sure that your roof has proper ventilation, which can lessen the damage on your shingles caused by heat.

Reminder: If you postpone the inspection, you can expect worse tearing when more temperature swings come in the next months.