Columbus, Ohio roofing tips for clean shingles by Newman Roofing Company

Spring is almost upon us! It’s almost time to swap out the shovels for lawn mowers, and most people are gearing up for Spring cleaning. Don’t forget, while the inside of the house is important, what’s outside is also crucial. It might be something you don’t think about often, but your roof needs to be clean, too.

Let’s talk about a few causes of dirty shingles, and what you can do to spruce them up…

Rubbish on the Roof

Your roof may contain debris that has fallen, blown onto, or been dropped off by animals. Sticks, leaves, dirt, berries, seeds, acorns, pine needles, just about anything could be up there. If left over time, it can cause water build up that could leak down into the roof decking and cause rot. From there it can leak inside your home and cause water damage. It can easily be prevented by hand, using a blower, or a broom to remove any unwanted riffraff.

Black Stains

These stains are actually dead algae, from shingles that don’t get a lot of sun and remained damp for too long. This won’t damage your home, it’s really just a cosmetic unsightliness. This can be taken care of by simply using a cleaning solution. You could have this professionally done, or try a DIY solution on your own, but make sure to test it on some spare shingles to ensure that it’s safe for use on your roof.


Moss’s two best friends are water and shade. When moss is allowed to grow, it can go under your shingles to allow water inside. The raised shingles can also cause problems because they can get torn off in the wind, and allow more debris to be trapped in the roof. To get rid of moss, once again, you can have it professionally done or use a specific cleaning solution.

If you do choose to clean your shingles on your own, always remember to be cautious and safe:

  • Have a friend to watch out for you, and assist.
  • Take breaks and drink water, as you could be in the sun for a while.
  • Try to extend your ladder above the gutter line, so it’s easier to get on and off.
  • Use a safety harness system whenever possible, and invest in some maximum grip/slip resistant shoes.
  • Dress appropriately to counter any chemical splash, and have a rag or towel on hand to wipe off if you need to.

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