Water damage might not seem like a big deal, but when it really starts to set in, it can start hurting your wallet. Spotting and identifying the early signs of water damage can go a long way to helping you save more. We also give you the best cost-effective solutions to helping you deal with these problems before they grow.

Early Diagnosis

When water damage is only starting to form from a leak in your Sunbury roofing, there won’t be much water involved to be able to tell that it’s there. A good first sign to look for, however, is staining on your ceiling. Even the smallest of brown stains can be a good early warning sign to keep an eye out for.

Later Prognosis

Once you do start to see water pooling or forming in areas of your home, then chances are that the problem has gotten much bigger. It’s worse when it starts to cause paint and wallpaper to start peeling—the costs to fix things up at this point are going to be much more than what you’d normally want to spend.

The Cure

The best way to go about dealing with water damage is to rely on experts to make the proper diagnosis. The signs are actually a good prompting to call Newman Roofing—we can then more easily verify what’s happening and help you to find the most economical solution to the problem.

For some, repairs will be sufficient. We can do a thorough patch-up job to make sure that the leak and subsequent damage don’t get bigger. For most, however, it might be worth considering an upgrade to your roofing in Lewis Center. The reason for this is that leaks can be indicative of deeper problems in the roof itself that so happened to affect one particular area—and can easily spring up on another part of your roof.

Since 1992, Newman Roofing has been providing both quality roofing products and quality roofing services to our community. Give us a call, and we’ll apply those years of experience to make sure that your roof is leak-free and ready to tackle the elements anew.