Roofing replacement isn’t an easy task, and a lot can go wrong if it is done incorrectly. Before you call for your roofing replacement contractor, here are a few things that you need to look out for. We’ve also included the simplest solutions to these problems that cause the biggest headaches.


The right Lewis-Center Ohio, roofing contractors give you what you pay for. When it comes to installation, it’s something that you can’t shortchange. You can expect quality installations to take several days to complete. It helps to check up on the status and progress of installation as it happens. This helps you learn more about your roof while keeping tabs on the work.

Hiring professionals is ultimately the key here. At Newman Roofing, we have many years of experience—and several successful jobs under our belts. You don’t ever need to worry about having your roof installed poorly. We get it right the first time, every time.


Of course, no amount of care put into an installation will compensate for poor-quality roofing materials. Inferior materials will usually break down faster and force you to spend more.That’s why we worked toward the CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Roofer™ certification. CertainTeed is renowned for the quality of its products not just in America, but the world over, and our certification attests to the quality of our workmanship.

It’s an advantage for you to invest in quality roofing materials because when we pair it up with quality installation, the combination results in durable, stress-free roofing that lasts.


One more thing:You have to make sure that the design and style of your roof matches your home. It’s no mean feat, as many aren’t too familiar with what goes with what when it comes to roofing. It’s partly a matter of taste and choice, but also a matter of the right fit. One way you can go about this is to do research. The other, better way is to consult a professional.

For over two decades now, Newman Roofing has been providing quality roofing in Westerville and the surrounding areas. You can count on our experience to help you pick out a design that fits your home specifically, to ensure that you get the very best materials, and to make sure that the installation is done right. Give us a call today.