Winter in Columbus, Ohio, is seen to be colder than usual. Periods of rainfall and snow showers are predicted to occur in early February and mid-March. As freezing and thawing cycles can wreak havoc on roofs, it’s important to make sure yours can withstand the elements.

Newman Roofing provides these tips to help reduce and even prevent winter damage to your roof:

Our Columbus roofing contractors suggest that you inspect your roof at least twice a year to know the changes in its condition. You should also have it inspected whenever an extreme weather condition, such as a winter storm, takes place.

Significant weather changes that occur every season may lead to many roofing issues. Extreme temperatures may cause shingles to deteriorate. Heavy downpours may lead to broken shingles. These issues may result in a leaky roof and other major problems.

With inspection, you will be able to address minor issues before they cause bigger damage to your home.

Clean Your Gutters
Over time, your gutters can become filled with fallen leaves and other wind-driven debris. It’s important to make sure they’re clog-free so water can drain off properly.

When cleaning, you need a stepladder and a bucket attached to it, where you can gather the debris that you have removed with a trowel. You may also use a garden hose to get rid of hard-to-remove debris. Direct the hose toward the downspouts. If your gutters are loose and filled with water or debris, repair them as soon as possible as they may not be able to bear the added weight, causing them to fall off.

Cleaning and repairing your gutters on a stepladder may be unsafe, especially if you haven’t done it before. It’s best to ask help from trained contractors, such as our team at Newman Roofing.

Cleaning gutters shouldn’t be put off as debris can easily reach the downspouts and block them too. Additionally, they can cause ice dam formation and water-related damage to your interior.

Ventilate and Insulate
Attic insulation and ventilation are common solutions to prevent ice dam formation. These can help reduce the chances of warm spots emerging on your roof. Warm sections may cause snow to melt and run off the length of your roof and then refreeze when it reaches the cold eaves.

Enjoy the cold season in the comfort of your home with less worries. Ask help from our roofing contractors in Columbus to ensure that your roof won’t be damaged during the season.

Let us at Newman Roofing assist you. With years of experience in the industry, we can spot problems easily and provide expert recommendations. Call us today at (614) 890-7663 to request a consultation and estimate at no cost to you.