Homes that sustained high wind or hail damage and are in need or roof replacement in Grove City, OH by Newman Roofing, LLC

Photo courtesy of NBC4 WCMH-TV Columbus

Storm Chasers Promising “Free” Roofs

If you live in Grove City or any of the surrounding areas, you’ve more than likely been visited by someone insisting that your home sustained major hail or wind damage and that your roof can be replaced for free by your insurance company. Unless you were hit by hail that was big enough to damage your car or took on significant damage from high winds and debris, chances are your roof does not need to be replaced and may even be perfectly fine.

Storm chasers are salespeople for local roofing companies who are highly incentivized to convince homeowners they have sustained significant storm damage and claim that they can work with your insurance company to install brand new replacement roof for free. This is true in some cases, but of the dozens of Grove City homes we’ve inspected, only a very few have sustained significant hail and/or wind damage.

Reports of Roof Vandalism

Be wary of who you allow on your roof to inspect any damage you think you may have sustained. We’re hearing lots of complaints from homeowners dealing with storm chasers and other salespeople who are using high-pressure sales tactics and vandalizing property in order to convince homeowners and insurance companies to pay for new roofs when they’re not needed.

Dealing With Storm Damage

Make sure to talk to your insurance adjuster and have them look at your home before contacting contractors for estimates. Working with your insurance company first is the best way to ensure you receive an honest assessment and recommendation. It will also save you a lot of time and make the process of finding a good contractor much less of a headache.

If you’ve been paid a visit by a storm chaser recently and want an honest second opinion, or if you think you may have sustained significant hail and/or wind damage and you’re not sure what to do, feel free to contact our office to speak with one of our roofing experts. We are here to help.