To maintain your shingles, you have to keep them clean and dirt-free. By doing so, you can reduce the risk for algae, moss, fungal, and lichen growth which is rather common to this kind of roofing and which compromises your roofing’s integrity. This usually happens to roofs that experience excess precipitation like in Columbus which is also subject to severe thunderstorms and other severe weather.

You can avoid this by regularly cleansing your roof. recommends the following:

  1. Mix bleach, detergent, and hot water to make the cleaning solution. Put them in a container, preferably something that has a sprayer.
  2. Before you start, make sure that you are situated safely on the roof because this is a slippery job. Use the sprayer to saturate preferably a 3 feet high x 10 feet wide strip. Work your way up; always start on the lower portion to avoid slipping.
  3. Use a broom to scrub the shingles lightly and spray a bit more solution if it dries out.
  4. Rinse the roof with fresh water and repeat the process until the whole roof is clean.

If you already see signs of mold growth on your roof shingles, maybe it is time to have your trusted Columbus roofing contractors inspect them because this is one of the signs that you need a new roof.

We at Newman Roofing offer some of the most durable materials on the market like GAF and CertainTeed roofing systems. Our team of skilled installers is factory-certified by these manufacturers. We also specialize in different kinds of repairs from storm, hail, and leaks.

No other Columbus roofing companies can claim to offer as wide a variety of services so if you notice signs of wear on your roof, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.