Shingle Showdown | GAF vs. CertainTeed

Beautiful home featuring CertainTeed asphalt shingles in Columbus, Ohio

When you are in need of shingle replacements or even an entire new roof due to hail, snow, wind, or even normal roofing wear and tear, it will typically come down to a shingle showdown between GAF and CertainTeed. Both GAF and CertainTeed are well-known brands that present their unique pros and cons. While any shingle replacement will improve the appearance of your home, you should also consider the protection and longevity your roofing choice. The hip and ridges of your home will experience the most exposure to the elements throughout the years, which is why it is important to consider what type of hip and ridge shingles provide the most quality in addition to the standard shingles that cover the rest of your roof.  


When you are deciding on shingle replacements, you will most likely first consider cost. GAF and CertainTeed are toe to toe in the cost race equaling about $78 per 100 square feet for GAF brand and approximately $75 per 100 square feet for CertainTeed. These prices are based on the most standard shingle option for both brands. While three dollars may not seem like an incredible difference in pricing,  consider how three dollars adds up as you calculate how many square feet of shingles you will need. Both GAF and CertainTeed offer more “premium” shingle options for which you will see a rise in cost— GAF multiplying in cost more quickly than CertainTeed.


When you are considering the total cost of replacing shingles, you should also keep in mind what warranty is offered. A less expensive initial cost may be enticing, but if your warranty is short and another hail storm comes through, you may find yourself facing additional costs more quickly than you expected. GAF and CertainTeed both offer reasonable warranties with the purchase of their shingles, understandably based on differing circumstances. You should research warranties in depth to make sure you are covered for whatever your specific needs may be. For a base warranty purchase, GAF offers only a 5-10 years 100% warranty, while CertainTeed offers a 20 year warranty right off the bat. Both companies offer different warranty levels that will vary in cost and include only the original buyer or any subsequent home owners that follow. Warranties may also vary including “wind warranties” that may not be included in the base warranty offered. We can help you research this important topic to ensure you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Storm and Impact Durability

Storm and impact durability, also known as impact resistance, is an important feature to consider when replacing your roof. If you live in an area that is prone to hail storms or strong winds, you will want to find shingles that are durable enough to stand strong against these elements. Insurance companies and underwriters have developed an impact resistance test that helps rate the effectiveness of roofing against impact. Category 4 roofing under this test is considered durable against hail storms. The most basic category under both GAF and CertainTeed brands typically does not meet this standard, however, both brands offer category 4 impact resistance shingles at a slightly higher cost. The cost of this category will vary depending on your location, but we will gladly help you price out your shingles when you call or visit.

As you prepare to replace missing or damaged shingles, consider your options before delving right in. This important decision should be given proper consideration– including your budget and how much you are willing to pay in future repairs and replacements. Free free to contact us should you have questions or need assistance along the way.

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